Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Minimee Bloggers welcome you

      Finally, we're blogging and we're excited. We have so much to share. The "we" includes all Minimee staff, from the shop floor through to our warehouse through to our head office. We’re involving everyone in our business to share experiences with products and kids. You will even see posts written and inspired by our staff's partners and kids.

So what will you find on our blog? Our intention is to provide you with as much info, tips and tricks on the best products on the market to help you relax and enjoy your time with your kids - to love life with your baby and beyond. There are so many products out there and everyday we're approached to stock even more. We are very selective in the products we carry and will only stock ones that pass the "Minimee Mums panel". And that panel have high standards! That's why we want to focus on products in this blog. It's what we know best
As an introduction, we thought we’d start by giving you insights into our team through images of the things we love. Selected by the Minimee bloggers. Hope you Enjoy 

Minimee bloggers love cupcakes, cakes and flowers
We love babies! even when they have their foot in their mouth
or when they are mimicking us
or when we're introducing them to the world
or playing
.....and after all those activities, we love them when they are sleeping!